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[Raw Pu Erh] YI BANG Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake and Loose Leaves year 2023

[Raw Pu Erh] YI BANG Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake and Loose Leaves year 2023

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Yi Bang(倚邦) is a village located in the southern part of Yunnan province in China, near the border with Myanmar. It is one of the oldest and most renowned areas for producing high-quality raw pu erh tea, which is made from the leaves of large-leaf tea trees that grow in the area's mountainous terrain. The tea leaves are hand-picked and then processed using traditional methods, including sun-drying and stone-pressing. The resulting tea has a strong, earthy flavor and aroma, with notes of honey and flowers.

In recent years, Yi Bang has become increasingly popular among tea enthusiasts, with some of its raw pu erh teas fetching high prices at auctions and in specialty tea shops. This is due in part to the area's unique terroir, which includes a combination of high altitude, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil, as well as the expertise of local tea makers who have honed their craft over generations.



Mengla County, Xishuangbanna City, Yunnan Province, China


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